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Enterprise ACB founded in 2007.
but present in the market since 1980 with the name of BEIRPLANTAS.
is an enterprise that produces manufactures articles made of cement for the garden such as:
flowers pots, fountains, benches, tables, barbecues and other products.

The effort made to attain our efforts of good service and market know-how, in which only the more gifted and the better equpped will manage to survive, is the driving force that leads us to perform well, with stricter and stricter quality levels, pursued by us all, not only by us producers and retailers but also by the installers until the final consumer is reached.

For this reason, all ours products are manufactured with top accuracy and tenor, offering our customers great durability of the product and the benefit of total guarantee.This is the basis for our success in the national and international markets.

ACB, offers an efficient and qualified technical service..
Our company is located in Santa Maria da Feira district Aveiro